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    Ford Car Keys & Remotes have special features.

    Confirm your Ford Car key remote by reviewing FORD Keys & Remotes  transponders.  Also look to our “Compatibility List” below to get started. You will also need to be code to your car.  Call a Ford Car Key Locksmith professional for an appointment.

    Notes: If this remote has auto start feature and your vehicle does not have this option, the auto star remote feature will not work. Call for installation.

    Please verify that your existing or previous transponder looks like the example presented.

    Product Description

    Ford Car Key locksmith

    Ford Car Key locksmith – Ford Key Locksmith – Key & Fobs s standard comes with no options. Other Ford Car Key locksmith  come with door lock, hatch release, engine start and other options. If you want to upgrade call Edmond locksmith a Ford Keys & Remotes locksmith trained and certified professional service. Start with looking at your current Ford & or fob remote options checking available buttons for functions. If your vehicle has engine start, extra doors, hatch lift, or lift gate, option ability be sure to communicate this to me your professional Ford Key Locksmith I will confirm with your manufacturer. We specialize in custom key remotes and fobs for all other vehicle brands, including motorcycles, boats, trucks, commercial vehicle remotes. Your original Nissan key or fob is a great manufactured product that we can replace. Today there are manufacturing vendors who create keys and fobs for your brand of vehicle. Also there are fobs with upgrades that are not only effective but provide additional features that are interesting and fun. Your Ford brand is important to you. Our manufactures also brand the key or fob with your favorite branding of vehicle or logo. Take time to explore our universal remotes they maybe an upgrade to your existing key or remote and cost the same or less than a manufactures key or fob. Call today and find out if your vehicle is ready for an upgrade I am ready to provide you with great timely service.

    Ford Car Key locksmith – Cities I server surrounding the OKC Regions. Ask for Danny 405-818-3440

    Programming Key or FOB (MySELF) or See A LockSmith


    1. Insert one of your working keys into the ignition. (It does not matter which key)
    2. Turn key to ON for one second then OFF (ON is the position just before starting the vehicle)
    3. Insert the second working key into the ignition.
    4. Turn key to ON for one second then OFF (ON is the position just before starting the vehicle)
    5. Insert the third (NEW) key into the ignition.
    6. Turn key to ON for one second then OFF (ON is the position just before starting the vehicle)
    7. The security light will flash to confirm that the new key has been successfully programmed.
    NOTE: Each key has to be programmed in 10 seconds. Do the process as quickly as possible to ensure proper programming of each key.

    Edmond Locksmith Ford Remote Key Product Guarantee and Disclosure

    This Ford Blank Key comes with  special features but still needs to be coded. If you need special features look to the information below.

    • Notes: If this Ford remote is for a vehicles equipped with the auto start feature and if your vehicle does not have this option, this remote will not work. This key fob is NOT compatible for push to start vehicles.  Meaning push button on dash or column. All remote transmitters come with:
      • All remotes include a battery
      • All units are tested before we ship
      • 2 month 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty, money back policy included
      • Our Locksmiths are trained professional ready to cut and code your remote transponders.

      Our Crossed Out Price is the average dealer price not including programming of this keyfob

    • Disclaimer:
      We strives to bring you the best replacement part to match the original in form and function. To keep out of trouble product names, brands, logos, etc and or other trademarks and information within our sales information are the property of their respective owners. These are used to simplify the identification of the proper parts for a particular vehicle. All the companies or affiliates represented are not to be considered as endorsements or sponsor.

    Ford Car Key locksmith

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    Car Key Repairs Ford

    Car Key locksmith and Vehicle Key Search

    If you need a car key replacement navigate to our front page just fill out the year, make, model of vehicle and click on submit your request to me. Most of the time from experience I know what you need. At the bottom of each manufacturer page you will find a generic custom fob for this brand of vehicle. As professional car key locksmith I strive to make your car key replacement a simple process. But remember your fob needs to be programmed. So if your lost car is keeping from getting down the road we are the car locksmith near me. Call I am ready 405-818-3440

    Additional Information

    Make (1) Manufacturer


    Model (2)

    F 150, F250, F350, F450

    Year Built (3)

    2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


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