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  • Kwikset BlueTooth Electronic Door Lock

    KwikSet Lever Door Handle for Door Repairs and Upgrades.

    KwikSet is well know for quality products. Our home door locks are ideal for door repair jobs and upgrading your home functionality. Think about an executive look with Kwikset lever handles a versatile design often selected for its commercial appeal. KwikSet is “non-handed” and available in 5 finishes.
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    KwikSet Lever Handle Door Locks

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    Product Description

    Kwikset BlueTooth Electronic Door Lock

    • Kickset Bluetooth lock and your smart phone are now your key
    • Touch to open convenience
    • Share eKeys via your smartphone
    • Receive notifications and manage lock and eKeys through Kevo Mobile App
    • SmartKey® deadbolt cylinder for superior security and backup traditional key
    • Easy to install, no power or internet required
    • The Kevo app is available for iPhone 4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 & 6 plus and 5th generation iPod touch, 3rd generation or higher iPad/iPad mini
    • Android 4.3 doesn’t fully support all Bluetooth LE features required by Kevo. App development for Android is currently underway.
    • Kevo Fob Included. Additional Fobs can be ordered separately.
    • Comprehensive support center with technical documents, videos and FAQs
    • Interactive Kevo product demonstration


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