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    KwikSet, Yale, Schlage, Medco Lever Door Handle for Door Repairs and Upgrades.

    KwikSet, Yale, Schlage, Medco are all well know for quality products and Safety Locksmith stocks them all. Call us – Our home door locks are ideal for door repair jobs and upgrading your home functionality. Think about an executive look with Kwikset lever handles a versatile design often selected for its commercial appeal. KwikSet is “non-handed” and available in 5 finishes.
    .SkyHi professional locksmiths are ready to help you purchase and install.  Call today.

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    KwikSet Lever Handle Door Locks

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    Product Description

    Locksmiths Near Me

    My First Locksmith Job.

    Locksmiths Near Me – For several years I work for several other locksmith learning the trade.  This was a full time job behind the computers checking stock, talking to customers. Well most of you know that a full time job sitting behind a computer is a recipe for death. After two years of discovering what it takes to manage a lock smith company and then learning how to find and convince a customer to follow my leadership I decided to learn how to do the actual locksmith job of locksmithing.

    I decided to learn about locksmiths work and applied services. I already understood half the battle and that was how to manage a company. I just needed experience. I called my top locksmith within the company I was working for. I asked him to show me his truck and train me. I figured I only needed the fundamentals of locksmithing, how tough could it be. On a cold January morning I jump into his truck prepared to listen to my trainer.

    My trainer sucked, he loved to do all the work himself and allowed me to watch. I watch him organize his truck, I watched him looking at books, I watched him open a car within 120 seconds when he was called upon as an emergency locksmith. I even influenced him to go and open another car for $50.00 dollars so I could see him do it again. It was like reading a book or watching YouTube. He finally gave me a lock he had in a bucket and told me to pick it. Well learning to pick a lock is like picking your nose deep enough to clear late night snot build up. It takes time and skill. When I finally picked it I did not know why it opened. Shortly after a client called and I could hear my trainer asking how he was found. The client reported locksmith near me in Google voice audio.

    Then he told me to reset the pins in a Kwikset. I tried, I had to do 7 steps.  I can’t put all those together in my head. I did fine with the pins. Then, he tried to have me insert the cylinder. I was doing it, and out of nowhere he said “Au You Pissed On The Toilet Seat” my hand shaking I jumped back with my hand pulling out the cylinder set. Then all the pins fell out, he said “this should never allow this to happen.” It took him 20 minutes to put it back together.

    Then next morning I was on my way back to his truck. I was happy to see him working on locks, car locks and safes.  I decided I needed to do research on my own the same as I did learning about how to manage a locksmith company. Thanks to the Google gods and another friend in locksmith Virginia Beach  I had a good teacher willing to give me applied training.  Locksmiths Near Me

    Three weeks later I got my first a mother and daughter who had less brains than me calling for a 24 hour locksmith screaming for a locksmith to open there old van. What was funny is that they were parked in a Home Depo parking lot. Why not ask a Mexican or home depo person to get the door open.  Well just to be safe I called my trainer I told him that I could hook the keys on the dashboard. He responded with “Stop You Idiot” The pecking order was again being established as who was stupid. He told me not to pull the key chain through the door that the result would be a torn door seal. The keys will rip the seal and the job will be a disaster. I quickly turned over the long wire releasing the keys I redirected to the door handle hooking it successfully. I pulled gently until I heard the click of a door latch.  Success – I opened the door and requested a five star review before asking for payment. 30 years later I own my own locksmith company my truck is full of tools, cutters, and a supply of keys and locks. If you need a great locksmith call me.  Today I own Safety Locksmiths Virginia Beach Locksmiths Near Me Ask for me Fares


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